Tools & Resources

Obviously, we hope that Authors On A Dime is a resource all by itself. But we often do shout outs about tools or resources that we find helpful. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

*We are in no way associated with any of these tools or resources. Nor are we experts on every single one. Check them out and decide for yourself which work for your personal needs.

*Have a tool or resource not on this list that you think should be? Send it to us at


Writing Tools

Office 360 –
In our opinion, nothing beats Word.

Scrivener –
Allows you to work in sections and scenes easily. Exports to word.

Pacemaker –
Keep track of your word count goals.

Write Or Die –
Helps with motivation to get words on paper.

Dragon Naturally Speaking –
Dictate your writing.

Cold Turkey –
Lock yourself out of apps or websites for a specified time and get writing done.

Editing Tools

Grammarly –
A free tool you can add to Chrome. Use it to check your grammar, not only of books, but any writing.

Perfect It –
Software that is added as a menu in Word to check grammar as well as consistency and other things.

Formatting Tools

Vellum –
Mac Only, but nothing else comes close for both ebook and print formatting easily.

Graphics Tools

Paid Stock Images

Paid Romance Stock Images

Free Stock Images

Photoshop –
The daddy of all image/graphics software.

Canva –
Produce graphics the right size and type for any social media platform.

Pic Monkey –
Picture editing.

Recite –
Create images for quotes by typing in your quote, picking the layout, and that’s it.

Dafont –
Download ton of fantastic fonts. Just remember to look for licensing rules for each individual font.

Adobe Color CC –
A free color picker which helps you find the right combination of colors.

Pictochart –
To create infographics, either from scratch or with their templates


Writing Resources

National Novel Writing Month – Join with other authors to get a 50k book written in a month.

Publishing Resources

Where you go to publish eBook on Amazon, and print-on-demand books.

IngramSpark –
A distributor you can use to publish ebooks and print books to retailers.

Smashwords –
A distributor you can use to publish to multiple ebook retailers.

Purchase your ISBNs here.

Coyright –
Submit copyright applications here.

Social Media / Marketing Resources

Mail Chimp –
Manage and send your newsletters.

Lists, tools, articles, all from a man who does it himself.

BookBub –
Great for sales and to make sure followers get notified about every new release of yours.

Book Funnel –
To use for giving away free short stories or books as a lead generator.

InstaFreebie –
To use for giving away free short stories or books as a lead generator.

Other Resources

Writer Beware –
Suss out book scammers before they scam you.

Viper Plagiarism Checker –
Check the net for plagiarism.