Service Spotlight: Formatting for POD

welcome-open-for-business-shop-neon-light-signFormatting to publish an eBook is relatively easy, particularly if the book is text-only. You don’t have to worry about things like mirrored margins, how the pages are breaking, how the text is spacing out, orphan lines, etc. But with Print-On-Demand (POD) books, you have to check for all those things, and more!

Authors On A Dime offers a few different packages to help you get your self-published book print ready. Let’s look at the service options:

Formatting your content to self-publish a Print-on-Demand book includes the below formatting for Amazon Create Space:

  • Creating/formatting front matter as requested
    • Title Page
    • Dedication
    • Copyright Page
    • Table of Contents
  • Formatting manuscript content
    • Mirrored page format with margins
    • Chapter breaks
    • Chapter headers
    • Proper indentation and space between paragraphs/lines
    • Font size/style
    • Page titles (author’s name on even pages, book title on odd pages)
    • Page numbers
  • Creating/formatting back matter as requested
    • About the Author
    • Letter from the Author

You will be provided one document ready to upload in CreateSpace.


The basic formatting package (see pricing below) includes all of the above. In addition, you can add formatting for other more complicated elements, including pictures, tables, and additional front or back matter pages. Those elements are added on an “as requested” basis for the additional pricing listed below.


  • Basic Formatting Package / 1-250 page manuscript ($40/book)
  • Basic Formatting Package / 251-500 page manuscript ($75/book)
  • Basic Formatting Package / 501+ page manuscript (Custom Quote)
  • Additional Front or Back Matter Pages ($5/page)
  • Formatting Tables ($25/5 tables)
  • Formatting Images – $50/book (up to 5 images, more will require a custom quote)

TRY OUT THE SERVICE: You may “try out” this service by having us format 1 chapter for FREE–Basic Package level.  (Free 1 time only.)

PACKAGE DEAL: The eBook formatted version of your manuscript will be 1/2 price (on the basic package) if ordered at the same time as the Print-on-Demand formatting.

*Page count based on double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, with standard margins.


*To request other services, in addition to publishing services, click the “Request Services” link in the menu.


*We are not a publisher. We are authors helping other authors. Formatting for eBook is based on the guidelines provided by Create Space. We do not guarantee sales.

Service Spotlight: Banners & Memes

facebook-crimsondahlia-fwSocial media banners (the image across the top of your Facebook, Google, Twitter pages, or banners at the top of webpages on your site), and memes (smaller graphics used on posts) are a fantastic way to advertise your latest projects, releases, or events.

You will be provided a form to fill out providing information on your banner/meme needs. Based on your answers, we will suggest which package below is best suited to your needs.

CrimsonDahlia-NewRelease.fw.pngOnce a package is agreed upon, your artist will provide 2 different banner options to select from. They will then do 3 versions of the option you selected based on feedback you provide.

Once you have selected your final banner or meme, you will be provided several graphics as a JPGs to use on all social media (one for each type of social media you use – up to 4 types of social media).


  • Basic Banner/Meme – text-only, basic font, graphic of your book cover or author logo ($5/banner or meme)
  • Pro Banner/Meme – basic graphics using your book cover, premium font ($10/banner or meme)
  • Premium Banner/Meme – custom graphics and premium font ($15/banner or meme)

TRY OUT THE SERVICE: You may “try out” this service by having us do a Basic Banner for FREE.  (Free 1 time only.)


*To request other services, in addition to graphics services, click the “Request Services” link in the menu.

Your final design is considered copyrighted. You may not reuse the images or elements for other purposes. Other than proprietary images, such as covers or logos, we may use images or elements from your design on other designs at Authors On a Dime.

Any designs/images NOT selected from the initial designs provided are subject to being sold/used for other projects.

Proofreading: A Necessary Evil

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading involves reading your manuscript (or a portion of your manuscript) and providing corrections, including (but not limited to):

  • service-spotlight.fwgrammar
  • proper word usage
  • syntax
  • spelling
  • proper sentence structure
  • punctuation
  • typographical errors

Why You Need Proofreading?

Proofreading is essential. A well edited manuscript is professional. If you intend to be a published author, making your writing as error-free as possible is critical. Readers can easily be turned off by typos or incorrect grammar. Editors and agents you query will look for a well-edited manuscript showing. Every website which talks about self-publishing highlights two things to spend money on: a good editor and a good book cover. Present your hard work in the best light possible. Have it proofread.

About Our Proofreader

Our lead copy editor/proofreader is a retired AP English teacher with a Masters in English. Some publishing houses prefer a specific Style of Editing or may have an in-house style. Please be aware there are differences in rules. We use MLA, which can be more formal, though we allow for more informal sentence structure as favored by many publishers of fiction.

How It Works

Submit your manuscript in a Word document. All edits are applied to the manuscript using “Track Changes” in MS Word. As the author, you then choose what edits to incorporate into your manuscript. Copy editing/proofreading is not beta reading. Edits will be limited to grammar/punctuation, and will not include comments on content, flow, plot, etc.

You may choose how many times you want the proofreader to provide edits. Please only request subsequent copy edits after you’ve completed applying previous edits.

You may also choose how much of your manuscript to have edited. For example, you might have the copy editor do a full pass the first time, but only edit the first few chapters the second time.

Our Pricing

  • 1st Pass Edits ($1.50/page)
  • 2nd Pass Edits ($0.75/page)
  • Subsequent Edits ($0.25/page)

*Page count based on double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, with standard margins.