Self-Editing Techniques

When: Sept 3-28, 2018 (4 weeks)

Delivery Method: Private Yahoo Group

Price: $5/person


Being able to edit your own work is a skill every author should develop. It is a skill developed over time and incorporating experience. But where do you start?

This workshop will help authors of all experience levels develop a solid checklist to help them self-edit their own work before every sending to an editor. We’ll cover everything content editing, tightening, grammar clean up and more.

The workshop is broken into the following topics:

  • Week 1
    • Types of Editing
    • Start Big and Narrow
    • Goal/Motivation/Conflict (GMC)
  • Week 2
    • Pacing & Plot
    • Character Development & Voice
    • World Building / Descriptions
  • Week 3
    • Passive vs. Active Voice
    • Telling vs. Showing
    • Dialogue
  • Week 4
    • Clichés
    • Little Details
    • Q&A & Checklist