How to Throw a Facebook Party

Legs of dancers


Price: $5/person

Delivery Method: Online, At Your Own Pace


Facebook parties are a fantastic way to launch a book, reach more readers, support fellow authors, and market your books and your author brand in general. But for first timers, how does a Facebook  party work? Is there an etiquette involved? What can you do to make your time during the party as successful as possible.

This workshop will help authors of all experience levels get ready for a Facebook party. We’ll cover everything from setting up, inviting other guest authors, what to post and when, and more.

The workshop is broken into the following topics:

  • Setting Up
  • Guest Authors
  • Getting Everyone Organized
  • Inviting Guests
  • Pre-Party Planning
  • Pre-Party Activities
  • Creating a Party Script
  • Party Post Ideas
  • Giveaway Ideas
  • During the Party
  • After the Party