Get Started Self-Publishing


Price: $5/person

Delivery Method: Online, Self-Paced


Self-publishing is a fantastic way to publish a book, but can be overwhelming when you’re an author first getting started. You want to produce the best book you can and have it stand up next to the traditionally published books out there.

Between formatting, editing, book cover, all the different eBook vendors, writing the blurb, and much more, self-publishing requires many different steps and skill sets. Some self-published authors do everything themselves, and some utilize services provided by others. In this class we’ll go over the basics of self-publishing so that authors new to the process can feel comfortable knowing what has to be done, doing much themselves, and with a good idea how to decide what parts to pay others to help them complete and what options are out there for them.

In this workshop, you will learn the basic steps to self-publishing including:

  • Getting Content Publication Read
    • Self-Editing Steps
    • Critique Partners & Groups
    • Working with a Paid Editor (Types of Editing)
  • Formatting the Book
    • eBook Formatting
    • Print-on-Demand Formatting
  • The “Marketing” Needs
    • Book Covers
    • Blurb Writing
    • Front & Back Matter (About the Author, Dedication, etc.)
  • Publishing the Book
    • Uploading the Book (Amazon, Smashwords, KDP)
    • Claiming Your Book – Copyright & ISBN