Website Services

Every author has to have a website–it’s one of the fundamental marketing needs every single marketing article, website, and firm will tell you. Author websites range from a basic one page informational site to interactive sites which include a whole host of things for readers, reviewers, and even other authors to do.

Most author websites fall somewhere in between, and most authors don’t know where to even begin in setting one up. The good news is there are several services already available you can use to set up your website (some free and some for a fee). However, even those can be confusing or overwhelming to start. In addition. in order to make your website unique, you’ll want at least a few custom graphics on there.

Or perhaps you have a website set up and would like help expanding it, improving it, or adding new functionality.

Our staff know each of the services (WordPress, Blogger, Weebly and Wix), have skills with HTML coding and graphic design, and have set up and managed their own author websites for years. In addition, we pay attention to other authors’ websites as well as articles and research on what works and what doesn’t.

We can help you with your website from the big to the little, and have created packages which cover all sorts of needs. You’ll be provided a document to complete which will help us determine what your needs are to provide a final price quote.

Edit My Existing Website Want a second set of eyes to make sure all the pages on your website are clean, professional, and grammatically correct? We can help you with that!

Website Creation/Set Up – You need help setting up your website from scratch? We can work with you to select the best platform for your needs (WordPress, Blogger, Weebly or Wix), select a pre-existing template (layout, design, and colors), and add the following basic content:

  • Basic Package – You provide all text. You may provide a pre-made logo, book cover image, and headshot/author pic, which we will incorporate into the website. Includes only the following pages:
    • Home Page
    • My Books Page (Summary)
    • 1 Individual Book Page
    • About the Author Page (Basic Bio & Headshot/Picture)
    • Contact Page
    • Blog Page (optional)

If a design you are asking for is going to require hours of custom HTML or graphics design, we will let you know. At that time we will provide options and/or a custom quote.

*Important: Pricing does NOT include anything that may be “extra” through the website service. For example, using a custom domain ( instead of or selecting one of their premium designs for an additional fee. You’ll need to cover the cost of those extras in addition to our fees.

Show Me How – Just want someone to show you how to do it so you can go out on your own and manage your website yourself? We provide tutorials over a virtual meeting–anything from getting started to adding a new page to changing out your graphics. Whatever you need help with.

Website Consult – If you just want someone to take a look at what you have and provide feedback and suggestions, we can help!


  • Edit My Existing Website Content ($2/page)
  • Basic Website Creation/Set Up (WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, or Wix) ($25/website)
  • Additional/New Pages (For new or existing website)
    • Static Content – text only, or with 1-2 graphics you provide ($5/page)
    • Image Grid Page – you provide the images ($10/page)
    • Forms ($10/page – up to 20 fields on the form)
    • eCommerce/Shopping Cart (Custom Quote)
    • Custom HTML (Options and/or Custom Quote)
  • Show Me How – $20/hour
  • Website Consult – $10/hour
  • Custom Graphics – See our graphics pricing!




*We are not a website hosting service or a professional website design company. We are authors helping authors. All website-related work/suggestions/writing are based on personal experience, opinion, and preference. We do not guarantee sales, click thrus, or followers. While our websites are competitive with author websites today, if you are looking for something more “high-end” or technical we are happy to provide suggestions.