Manage Social Media Calendar

Creating a social media calendar or schedule can be a powerful tool. Doing so helps you stay consistent in your posts, guarantees you don’t miss important events, and helps you spread out your social media and marketing. However, creating a social media calendar can also be time-consuming.  We can help!

Your social media calendar management can include (but is not limited to):

  • blog posts
  • release schedules
  • blog tours
  • marketing needs
  • events
  • holidays

We can work with you on what you want/need scheduled and when. We will then create the social media calendar for 1-month at a time. In addition, we can keep track of your calendar for you, emailing you weekly reminders of upcoming events and post needs.

You may purchase a calendar 1 month at a time, or in blocks of 6 months at a discounted rate. For 6 month blocks, you will still receive the calendars on a monthly basis, so we may add real-time updates as needed.

Want to try out this service before purchasing? You may have 1 month FREE to start.


  • 1st Month (FREE! – 1-time only)
  • 1 Month Social Media Calendar, No Reminders ($10/calendar)
  • 1 Month Social Media Calendar with Weekly Reminders ($20/calendar)
  • 6 Month Block, No Reminders ($50/calendar)
  • 6 Month Block with Weekly Reminders ($100/calendar)

We can also help you with the social media posts themselves. Please see our Social Media Services for a list of services and pricing.



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