Newsletter Services

A newsletter is an easy marketing tool which allows you to personally remind your most loyal readers about things like new releases, giveaways, and so forth–keeping you on their radar.

We find authors need help with their newsletters in various ways and have tailored our options accordingly.

Newsletter Article Suggestions – Want to write your own articles but don’t know where to get started? We’ll provide 3-5 post topic suggestions to help you get rolling.  This service is FREE (first-time only)! Any help needed after the initial list of suggestions will move you into Brainstorming for a fee.

Newsletter Article Brainstorming – You have some ideas or even have an article started and just want another author to give opinions, other suggestions, etc.

Newsletter Article Editing – You’ve already written your article but would like to make sure there aren’t any errors, grammar mistakes, etc.

Create My Newsletter Template (Basic) – Want to start a newsletter and have no idea how? We will get you all set up, using MailChimp as the service. You provide a logo and your author information. We discuss layout preferences and number of articles. We create the newsletter template for you.

Create My Newsletter Template (Premium) – You receive everything the Basic package provides. In addition, we’ll provide a Pro-level banner image and spend 1-2 hours on a virtual call (Skype or Phone) to show you how to use your template to create and send out your newsletters.

Write My Newsletter (Informational) – You have the information (ex. a new release is coming up) but just don’t have the time to write your newsletter. Send us the info and we’ll lay it out for you.

Manage My Newsletter – We highly recommend you write your own newsletter. A newsletter is supposed to express your voice as an author and help you personally connect with your readers. However, we also get it that a newsletter can take time. So we will happily manage your newsletter for you end-to-end. Articles will be 500-1000 words, including any announcements, events, etc., but also genre-appropriate commentaries and interviews with you.


  • Newsletter Article Topic Suggestions (FREE!)
  • Newsletter Article Brainstorming ($10/article – up to 5 email exchanges)
  • Newsletter Article Editing ($2/250 words)
  • Create My Newsletter Template (Basic) ($40/template)
  • Create My Newsletter Template (Premium) ($80/template)
  • Write My Newsletter Article (Informational) ($10/article)
  • Manage My Newsletter ($50/month – 5 articles of various types per newsletter)




*We are not a professional marketing firm. We are authors helping authors. All Newsletter services provided are based on personal experience, opinion, and preference. We do not guarantee views, click thrus, likes, shares, or sales.