Manage Street Team

A street team is a group of loyal readers whom you mobilize to help get the word out about your books–particularly new releases. Street teams are a great way to connect on a personal level with readers who really enjoy your writing. There are variations on how you can set up your street team, anything from providing them early copies of books in exchange for honest reviews, to providing fun giveaways like bookmarks, to providing access to members-only chat rooms, and more.

Have no idea where to begin? Or would like assistance keeping organized? Let us help you!

Discuss Street Team Options FREE 1/2 hour discussion or 5 email exchanges to point you to examples of types of street teams out there and figure out what would work best for you and your readers. (1-time only service.)

Get Your Street Team Started We will help you:

  • Select a name and determine what you want to do with/for your street team.
  • Organize invitations to readers and manage a spreadsheet to track them.
  • Set up a forum (Private FB Group or Yahoo Group) for your street team and invite them to join.
  • Help you determine what to include in a welcome packet to mail out to each new member.

Please note, you will cover the cost of any marketing items in the welcome packet, cost of mailing, or any other services that involve extra expense. If you want help creating any marketing items for your welcome packet (like bookmarks), please see our other services.

Help Keep You Organized – Keeping your Street Team information organized is a monthly service. We will manage your Street Team membership (keeping your list and contact info up to date). In addition, we will manage a calendar for you, sending reminders about when to do things with/for your Street Team.


  • Discuss Street Team Options (FREE! – 1/2 hour discussion or 5 email exchanges)
  • Get Your Street Team Started ($25/new street team)
  • Help Keep You Organized ($10/month – $2.50/week)



*We are not a marketing firm. We are authors helping other authors. We do not guarantee street team participation, sales, good reviews, etc.