Facebook Services

Facebook is an easy marketing tool which allows you to personally connect with readers, fellow authors, and friends, as well as find new readers.

We find authors need help with their Facebook in various ways and have tailored our options accordingly.

Facebook Post Suggestions – Want to write your own posts but don’t know where to get started? We’ll provide 5-10 post topic suggestions to help you get rolling.  This service is FREE (first-time only)!

Create My Facebook Author Page – Want to start a Facebook author page and have no idea how? We will get you all set up.

  • Basic – We create the page, and you provide the graphics and information.
  • Pro – Same as Basic. Plus, we provide a banner image.
  • Premium – Same as Basic. Plus, we provide a banner image, and follow up to 25 genre-appropriate pages for you (or you can select the pages to follow).

Schedule My Facebook Posts – Provide the posts, and we’ll take the time to format them and get them scheduled for any time frame you designate. (1 post/day)

Create Custom Graphics for Posts – See Graphics Services.

Manage My Facebook– We highly recommend you manage your own Facebook page. Facebook is a way to personally connect with your readers and other authors. However, we also get it that Facebook can take time. So we will happily manage your Facebook for you end-to-end. We will consult with you regularly on upcoming important dates and announcements and create custom posts (including simple graphics). (1 post/day)

Throw My Facebook Party – Have a new release coming out? A Facebook Party is a fantastic way to celebrate. Work with us to determine a date, time, and guest authors list. We will invite and organize your guest authors, set up the party page (including graphics), help create a party script for the time slots you manage, and be on hand to manage the party itself.


  • Facebook Post Suggestions (FREE! 1st time)
  • Schedule My Facebook Posts ($40/month – $10/week)
  • Manage My Facebook (1 post a day of various types) ($120/month – $30/week)
  • Create My Facebook Author Page
    • Basic ($25/Facebook page)
    • Pro ($45/Facebook page)
    • Premium ($60/Facebook page)
  • Throw My Facebook Party
    • 1-3 hour party ($100/party)
    • 3-6 hour party ($200/party)
    • Multi-day party ($200/day)



*We are not a marketing firm. We are authors helping authors. All Facebook services provided are based on personal experience, opinion, and preference. We do not guarantee sales, likes, shares, etc.