Social Media Services

Authors On A Dime is NOT a marketing service. However, what we can help with is getting you organized when it comes to your social media and book releases. Below are a few of the ways we can help:


Have a new release coming out? A Facebook Party is a fantastic way to celebrate. Work with us to determine a date, time, and guest authors list. We will invite and organize your guest authors, set up the party page (including graphics), create intro and thank you graphics for each author, help create a party script for the time slots you manage, and be on hand to manage the party itself. Also included is a $10 Amazon gift card for one of your giveaways.


  • 1-3 hour party: $100
  • 3-6 hour party: $200
  • Multi-day party: $300


Creating a social media calendar or schedule can be a powerful tool. Doing so helps you stay consistent in your posts, guarantees you don’t miss important events, and helps you spread out your social media and marketing. However, creating a social media calendar can also be time-consuming.  We can help!

Your social media calendar management can include (but is not limited to):

  • blog posts
  • release schedules
  • blog tours
  • marketing needs
  • events
  • holidays

We can work with you on what you want/need scheduled and when. We will then create the social media calendar for 1-month at a time.


  • Calendar for 1 month: $15


A media kit is a document which includes all relevant information about a new release. When promoting their books, authors send a media kit to bloggers, reviewers, and other marketing sources in order to provide that information in an easy-to-read and use format.

Provide to us the below information (or links to where we can find it):

  • Book Title
  • Book Cover
  • Book Blurb (Description)
  • Book Tagline or Logline (if any)
  • Buy Links
  • Author Bio
  • Author Social Media Links (all)
  • 3 Excerpts (of varying length – 100 words, 300 words, and 500 words are a good rule of thumb)
  • Book Info, including:
    • Publisher
    • Cover Artist
    • Agent
    • Word Count
    • Page Count
    • ISBN #
    • Release Date
  • Review quotes for the book (or other books in the series)
  • Other media for the book (ex. book trailer, book pinterest board, etc.)

We will take the information provided and organize/format it into a professional media kit. You will be provided both an MS Word and a PDF version of the file.


  • Create Media Kit: $10


Similar to a Social Media Calendar, we will work with you to determine what activities (from a list of suggestions we will provide) you want to do for your new release. From there, we will create a calendar for you leading up to and following the release date.

It will be up to you to hire any vendors (such as blog tours), create the content (or hire us or someone else to help with that), and stick to the plan in general. We just help you select the right activities and timing for you, which can be time consuming but well worth it.

*We can also act as a Virtual Personal Assistant to schedule any planned activities for you that you wish. We charge $15/hour and would provide a quote for how long it would take to schedule any given item on your release calendar.


  • Create Media Kit: $20-50
  • Scheduling for you: $15/hour


If you don’t see a service you need, please contact us for advice or a custom quote.