Social Media Services

Authors On A Dime is NOT a marketing service. However, what we can help with is getting you organized when it comes to your social media and book releases. Below are a few of the ways we can help:


Have a new release coming out? A Facebook Party is a fantastic way to celebrate. Work with us to determine a date, time, and guest authors list. We will invite and organize your guest authors, set up the party page (including graphics), create intro and thank you graphics for each author, help create a party script for the time slots you manage, and be on hand to manage the party itself. Also included is a $10 Amazon gift card for one of your giveaways.


  • 1-3 hour party: $100
  • 3-6 hour party: $200
  • Multi-day party: $300


Creating a social media calendar or schedule can be a powerful tool. Doing so helps you stay consistent in your posts, guarantees you don’t miss important events, and helps you spread out your social media and marketing. However, creating a social media calendar can also be time-consuming.  We can help!

Your social media calendar management can include (but is not limited to):

  • blog posts
  • release schedules
  • blog tours
  • marketing needs
  • events
  • holidays

We can work with you on what you want/need scheduled and when. We will then create the social media calendar for 1-month at a time.


  • Calendar for 1 month: $15


A media kit is a document which includes all relevant information about a new release. When promoting their books, authors send a media kit to bloggers, reviewers, and other marketing sources in order to provide that information in an easy-to-read and use format.

Provide to us the below information (or links to where we can find it):

  • Book Title
  • Book Cover
  • Book Blurb (Description)
  • Book Tagline or Logline (if any)
  • Buy Links
  • Author Bio
  • Author Social Media Links (all)
  • 3 Excerpts (of varying length – 100 words, 300 words, and 500 words are a good rule of thumb)
  • Book Info, including:
    • Publisher
    • Cover Artist
    • Agent
    • Word Count
    • Page Count
    • ISBN #
    • Release Date
  • Review quotes for the book (or other books in the series)
  • Other media for the book (ex. book trailer, book pinterest board, etc.)

We will take the information provided and organize/format it into a professional media kit. You will be provided both an MS Word and a PDF version of the file.


  • Create Media Kit: $10


If you don’t see a service you need, please contact us for advice or a custom quote.