Blurb Creation

The blurb is the description of the book which displays on the back of the printed book or as the information on the website. A blurb should hook a reader without revealing too much.

We find authors need help with the blurb in various ways and have tailored our options accordingly.

Blurb Editing – You’ve already written your blurb but would like to make sure there are no errors, grammar mistakes, etc.

Blurb Brainstorming – You have some ideas or even have a blurb started and just want another author to give opinions, other suggestions, etc.

Blurb Suggestions – You want to write your own, but don’t know where to get started. Provide the key elements of your story and our folks will give you 2-5 ideas to get you started.

Write My Blurb (Basic) – Provide a synopsis of your story and what elements you want to highlight, and our folks will provide 3 different blurb options for you. You may either choose one, or mix and match elements from all 3.

Write My Blurb (Premium)– Provide the full manuscript. Our folks will read the book first then provide 3 different blurb options for you. You may either choose one or mix and match elements from all 3.


  • Blurb Editing ($5/blurb)
  • Blurb Brainstorming ($10/blurb – up to 5 email exchanges)
  • Blurb Suggestions ($10/blurb)
  • Write My Blurb (Basic) ($25/blurb)
  • Write My Blurb (Premium / 1-300 page book) ($100/blurb)
  • Write My Blurb (Premium / 301+ page book) (Custom Quote)

TRY OUT THE SERVICE: You may “try out” this service by having us do a brainstorming session for FREE (1 time only).

*Page count based on double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, with standard margins.



*We are not a marketing firm. We are authors helping other authors. All blurb suggestions/writing are based on personal experience, opinion, and preference. We do not guarantee sales, contracts, or good reviews.