Social Media Graphics

There are multiple types of graphics you can use throughout social media. Banners–those images across the top of your Facebook, Twitter, website, or other social media platforms–are more common.

Current research shows that posts on social media which include graphics get a higher engagement than those which don’t. And, of course, there are advertisements (in online magazines, websites, Facebook, etc.), which are a fantastic way to announce your latest projects, releases, or events.

We can create graphics for social media for all types of reasons, including (but not limited too):

  • Banners
  • New Release Announcements
  • Sales
  • Memes
  • Quizzes
  • Ads
  • Teasers
  • Quotes

You will be provided a form to fill out providing information on your graphics needs. Your artist will provide 2-3 different options to select from. They will then do 3 versions of the option you selected based on feedback you provide.

Once you have selected your final graphic, you will be provided the final version as a JPG in 300 DPI.) If you want the same design in multiple formats (different sizes or to be used on different platforms), the first format is standard pricing. Subsequent formats are 1/2-off.

See our services/products terms & conditions for information on copyrighting, licensing, returns and refunds policies and other terms.


  • 1st Social Media Graphic ($10/image)
  • Additional Versions for Other Platforms ($5/platform, format, or need)




*We are not a marketing firm. We are authors helping authors. We do not guarantee sales, likes, follows, etc.