Pre-Made Book Covers

All pre-made book covers are $20/cover.

Select one of our pre-made covers, and we replace the title and “author name” with your information. We can also add a tag line to the cover if you wish. Any other changes/additions to the design will require a custom quote.

Once you have selected your final cover, you will be provided the large format eBook graphic (300 DPI, 750 x 500, JPG format) to use for self-publishing and on all social media. For an additional fee, we can provide a larger format, print-on-demand-ready version of you cover image (based on Create Space cover guidelines).

When you order your cover, select “PreMade Cover” from the dropdown and enter the name of the cover below in the “Comments.”

Your final book cover is considered a copyrighted design. You may not reuse the images for other books or change the cover for other uses. We will not use any of the images on other covers designed at Authors On a Dime.



fairytales2.fw LotusFlower2.fw lovely-girl-ebook
cooltext3.fw the-city.fw dangerous-ebook.fw
Winters-Fortune2.fw complete-picture darkness2.fw.png


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*We are not a marketing firm. We are authors helping authors. We do not guarantee sales.