Banner/Ad Design

Advertisements and banners (in online magazines, websites, Facebook, etc.), are a fantastic way to advertise and announce your latest projects, releases, or events.

You will be provided a form to fill out providing information on your ad needs. Your artist will provide 2 different ad options to select from. They will then do 3 versions of the option you selected based on feedback you provide.

Once you have selected your final ad/banner, you will be provided a graphic which fits the requirements for the type of ad you are creating. If you are doing several ads, we can create several versions for an additional fee.


  • Social Media Banner/Ad ($10/ad or banner)
  • Magazine Ad – 1/2 Page ($15/ad)
  • Magazine Ad – Full Page ($25/ad)




*We are not a marketing firm. We are authors helping authors. We do not guarantee sales, likes, follows, etc.