Sometimes an author just needs another author to ping ideas off. Our authors are available for virtual meetings (either live via Skype or via email) to listen and respond. It is up to you, as the author, to use all the time available. You can do this by coming prepared with questions, where you’re stuck, ideas to discuss, etc. It is also up to you, the author, to determine what suggestions to incorporate.

All information discussed will be confidential and considered copyrighted by the author.


  • 30-minute virtual meeting (or up to 3 emails exchanged) ($10/meeting)
  • 60-minute virtual meeting (or up to 5 emails exchanged) ($15/meeting)

TRY OUT THE SERVICE: You may “try out” this service by having us do 1 20-minute brainstorming session for FREE (1 time only).



*We are authors helping other authors. All comments/suggestions are based on personal experience, opinion, and preference. We do not guarantee sales, contracts, or good reviews.