Content Editing

Content editing involves reading your manuscript (or a portion of your manuscript) and providing comments, both within the document and in an email, concerning elements such as (but not limited to):

  • plot development
  • character development
  • continuity
  • fact checking
  • word usage
  • sentence structure
  • flow

Content editing comments/suggested changes are the opinion of the editor only. As the author, you may choose what suggestions to incorporate into your manuscript. Content editing is not copy editing/proofreading (although the editor may do some light grammatical editing or point out any glaring errors, such as incorrect words, misspellings, etc.).

You may choose how many times you want the editor to provide feedback. Please only request subsequent passes after you’ve completed applying feedback from the previous pass.

You may also choose how much of your manuscript to have read. For example, you might have the editor do a full pass the first time, but only read the first few chapters the second time. We recommend you do two full reads if you make any major changes after the first read in order to check for continuity.


  • 1st Pass Content Editing ($1/page)
  • 2nd Pass Content Editing ($0.50/page)
  • Subsequent Passes ($0.25/page)

TRY OUT THE SERVICE: You may “try out” a content editor to see if the comments/suggestions are what you’re looking for or fit your voice/style/needs. Provide the 1st chapter OR first 20 pages (whichever is shorter), for a FREE one-time read through of your material. (Free 1 time only.)

*Page count based on double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, with standard margins.



*We are not a publisher. We are authors helping other authors. All comments/changes/suggestions are based on personal experience, opinion, and preference which you, as the author, may or may not incorporate. We do not guarantee sales, contracts, or good reviews.