Editing Services

AOAD offers both content edits (or beta reading) and copy editing (or proofreading).

We highly recommend multiple editing passes, particularly if you start with content edits. There’s a reason publishers do multiple edits (with several different editors).


Content editing involves reading your manuscript (or a portion of your manuscript) and providing comments, both within the document and in an email, concerning elements such as (but not limited to):

  • plot development
  • character development
  • pacing
  • conflict
  • continuity
  • fact checking
  • word usage
  • sentence structure
  • flow

Content editing comments/suggested changes are the opinion of the editor only. As the author, you may choose what suggestions to incorporate into your manuscript. Content editing is not copy editing/proofreading (although the editor may do some light grammatical editing or point out any glaring errors, such as incorrect words, misspellings, etc.).


Copy editing/proofreading involves reading your manuscript (or a portion of your manuscript) and providing corrections, including (but not limited to):

  • grammar
  • proper word usage
  • syntax
  • spelling
  • proper sentence structure
  • punctuation
  • typographical errors

All edits are applied to the manuscript using “Track Changes” in MS Word. As the author, you then choose what edits to incorporate into your manuscript. Copy editing/proofreading is not content editing. Edits will be limited to grammar/punctuation, and will not include comments on content, flow, plot, etc.


You may “try out” an editor to see if the comments/suggestions are what you’re looking for or fit your voice/style/needs. Provide the 1st chapter OR first 10 pages (whichever is shorter), for a FREE one-time read through of your material. (Free 1 time only.)



  • 1st Pass Editing ($0.005 / word)
  • 2nd Pass Editing ($0.0025 / word)
  • 3rd & Subsequent Passes ($0.002 / word)