Editing Services

AOAD offers both content edits (or beta reading) and copy editing (or proofreading).

We highly recommend multiple editing passes, particularly if you start with content edits. There’s a reason publishers do multiple edits (with several different editors).


Content editing involves reading your manuscript (or a portion of your manuscript) and providing comments, both within the document and in an email, concerning elements such as (but not limited to):

  • plot development
  • character development
  • pacing
  • conflict
  • continuity
  • fact checking
  • word usage
  • sentence structure
  • flow

Content editing comments/suggested changes are the opinion of the editor only. As the author, you may choose what suggestions to incorporate into your manuscript. Content editing is not copy editing/proofreading (although the editor may do some light grammatical editing or point out any glaring errors, such as incorrect words, misspellings, etc.).


Copy editing/proofreading involves reading your manuscript (or a portion of your manuscript) and providing corrections, including (but not limited to):

  • grammar
  • proper word usage
  • syntax
  • spelling
  • proper sentence structure
  • punctuation
  • typographical errors

All edits are applied to the manuscript using “Track Changes” in MS Word. As the author, you then choose what edits to incorporate into your manuscript. Copy editing/proofreading is not content editing. Edits will be limited to grammar/punctuation, and will not include comments on content, flow, plot, etc.


We try to accommodate your deadline needs. However, our editors have multiple projects at a given time. Approximate edits to take 3k words per day, not counting weekends or holidays. If you need a rush job, we will adjust the per word pricing by how much faster our editor would have to work to hit your deadline (if possible). Deadlines may also be affected by projects ahead of yours or an individual editor’s schedule and personal holidays.


We have multiple editors available. You may “try out” an editor to see if the comments/suggestions are what you’re looking for or fit your voice/style/needs. Provide the first 1250 words, for a FREE one-time read through of your material a given editor.



  • 1st Pass Editing ($0.007 / word)
  • 2nd Pass Editing ($0.006 / word)
  • 3rd & Subsequent Passes ($0.005 / word)

We will provide a final quote and deadline before editing starts.

*All orders are subject to service fee (3% USD payments, 7.5% for foreign currency transactions)

*Pricing may increase for unusual situations such as a requested rush edit. 

*Pricing for the different “passes” are with the same editor for the same type of editing. For example, if you do 2 passes of content edits with Kay, the first pass is $0.007/word and the second pass is $0.006/word. But a 3rd pass for copyedits/proofreading with Paulla would be back to $0.007/word as she won’t have seen the material before.