Graphic Design

CLICK HERE for more info on each graphic design service.

  • Premade eBook Covers: $50
  • eBook Cover Design: $150
  • Print Wrap Cover Design
    • If AOAD designs the front cover for eBook: $50, in addition to the eBook cover price
    • If you provide an already designed front cover: $200
  • Box Set / Omnibus / Volume Covers
    • Design using eBook covers provided: $100
    • Full design including cover image: $250
  • Social Media Banners & Posts
    • Teasers & Memes: $5-15/design
    • Banners: $10-30/design
    • Ads: $15-30/design
  • Print Marketing Materials
    • Bookmarks & Post Cards: $15-20/side (if multi-sided)
    • Ads: $20-40/side (if multi-sided)
    • Business Cards: $20-30/design
    • Stand Up Signs & Table Runners: $50-100/design
  • Logo Design: $50-100

*For any pricing above that is listed as a range, please contact us with a description of your project for a quote.


Content editing (beta reading) and/or copy editing (proofreading). CLICK HERE for more info on each editing service.

  • 1st Pass: $0.007 / word
  • 2nd Pass: $0.006 / word
  • 3rd and later Passes: $0.005 / word

*For the first time with any given editor, we will edit the first 1250 words FREE to give you a chance to make sure that individual editor will work for you.

*Pricing may increase for unusual situations such as a requested rush edit. We we will always provide a quote before starting.

*Pricing for the different “passes” are with the same editor for the same type of editing. If you change editors or type of edit, the quote will return to 1st pass pricing.


CLICK HERE for more info on each formatting service.

  • Formatting for eBook only: $30
  • Formatting for print only: $30
  • Formatting for eBook and print combined: $50

*Books including things like links, tables, images, OR books longer than 350 pages also require a custom quote.

Social Media Services

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  • Facebook Party, 1-3 hours: $100
  • Facebook Party, 3-6 hours: $200
  • Facebook Multi-day Party: $300
  • Social Media Calendar for 1 month: $15
  • Media Kit: $10
  • New Release Plan
    • Create the Plan: $20-50
    • Schedule Activities for You: $20/hour
  • Other: Contact Us for Custom Quote

Self-Publishing Services

10% discount on combined services above. CLICK HERE for more info on self-publishing services.


See a list of our monthly online workshops. Each workshop is $5/person.

Additional Services

Don’t see what you need here? The Authors On A Dime team are all authors with tons of experience across the spectrum of author tasks including helping you get organized or set up social media, helping you through self-publishing, brainstorming just about anything, and more. Please contact us for a custom quote.


*All orders are subject to service fee (3% USD payments, 7.5% for foreign currency transactions)