DOs & DON’Ts for a Street Team

DOs&DON'TsA street team is a group of fans who come together to support a you as an author or in support of a specific book or series of books you’ve written. They’re all about creating buzz for your books and sharing that passion for your stories with you.

When establishing an official street team–however that looks for you–it is always a good idea to establish a basic set of DOs and DON’Ts for the team members. Below we’ve collected a general set for you to consider and to help get you started.



Do…feel free to post on the street team board any time. Please keep posts clean and PG.

Do…stay active and engaged. I love interacting with my Street Team!

Do…help me promote in any way you feel comfortable with (creating your own posts, sharing my posts, leaving reviews, telling your friends, tweeting to the world, etc.).

Do…share your thoughts on my books with the team and me. We all have this in common, and so we can enjoy discussing together.

Do…invite your friends to events like Facebook parties.

Do…know how much I appreciate you! I put my heart and soul into my books, and anyone who loves them and is happy to join me in that passion is a friend indeed!

Do…have fun!



Don’t…use this forum to sell or promote yourself, other authors, or other items.

Don’t…join only for the freebies. Part of the fun of this group is a shared passion!

Don’t…bash other authors or leave dishonest reviews about their work in an attempt to pump up my brand. We love other authors!

Don’t…share anything I’ve specified as either exclusive content OR as a sneak peek or preview. I’ll let you know when things are ready to go live to the public!

Don’t…share anything that might hurt my brand. Think about how people might react to a given post and make sure it’s appropriate.

Don’t…do anything that makes you uncomfortable. The point of a street team is a shared passion and getting the word out, but not when you don’t have fun!

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