Facebook Party – Game & Post Ideas

facebook-party-4About a month ago, we got into writing a script for your Facebook parties. We didn’t get into too much detail about what fun posts you could do during the party.

As authors who LOVE to do Facebook Parties, we are constantly on the hunt for good ideas for posts. Both because the books we promote change, and out of a desire to keep things fresh for the awesome friends and readers who show up to each and every party.

General searches on Google have not turned up a ton of help in terms of author-specific ideas, which we find both surprising, and interesting. So let’s help each other out and talk Facebook party post ideas. We’ll get the party started with post ideas below. Please comment with some of your favs!

A Few Tips to Start

Make the posts, particularly those for giveaways, about having fun. Games, opinions, polls, etc. are always great ideas. Try to make most of your posts simple things that the partygoers can do fairly quickly.

Even better, try to focus the majority of your posts on/around your book(s). This doesn’t mean sharing info about the books. More like, making your games and posts go with the books in some way.

If you are a guest for another’s authors book launch party, make one of your fun posts about their book instead. 🙂

We like to put many of our games/giveaways at the BOTTOM of informational posts to encourage people to look at them. Try to make the game for the giveaway have something to do with the information above.

Game & Post Ideas

Introduce Yourself

Don’t just copy your bio in. This is supposed to be fun. Make it personal. Make it specific to the party/book(s) you are promoting. Share things like your favorites. And don’t forget to include links to social media.

Book Blurb

Self-evident, share your book blurb. OR Facebook is becoming more and more graphic. You might try a meme or a book trailer to share your book info.

Series Info

If you’re promoting a series, give a little bit about the series as a whole. Again, memes and graphics are a great way to do this. Don’t share every blurb for every book in the series.

Who’s Your Date?

Ask folks to share pictures of their fictional/dream party date, outfit, accessories, pet, transport, etc.. You can even make it themed to go with your book.

Free Association

Start folks off with 1 word and they enter the first word they think of. Try to make it themed to go with your book for extra fun.


Use a free tool like Playbuzz to create custom quizzes that related to your books. This can be specific (Ex. which hero from my series is your perfect match?) or it can be themed (Ex. All the books in this series are named for flowers. What would your flower title be?)

Related Questions

Ask the partygoers questions that let them share their preferences. Try to relate the questions to your books. For example, your genre is paranormal romance, ask what their favorite paranormal creatures are. Or if your book is set in New York City, ask for their favorite city.

Finish This

Give the partygoers a prompt and have them finish it. You can prompt them with a scene from your book, or a single question, or movie quotes, or…

Caption the Picture

Post a picture that goes along with the theme of the party, or goes with your book somehow. Funny pics are often considered best. Then ask the party goers to caption the picture.

Gathering Followers

Facebook Parties are a great way to connect with folks who might become new fans. Typically, the other authors at your party of a similar genre, which means their readers might like your books too.

We will caveat this with, don’t make every post about following you. It’ll bug the partygoers who came for fun. They’ll understand one request, but not multiple.

Some things you can ask them to do to follow you (remember, pick 1):

  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Follow/Like you on Facebook
  • Sign up to follow your blog
  • Mark a book as “to read” on Goodreads
  • Follow you on BookBub or Amazon
  • You get the idea…


Happy Facebook Party time! Don’t forget to check out our social media services, including organizing your next Facebook Party or writing you a script for the party!




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