Flip the Script on Your Next Facebook Party

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A Facebook Party is a ton of fun, but can also be super stressful for the hosts. These parties move quickly, with lots of different types of posts, games, and giveaways. In addition, there are the usual party niceties (manners) to be observed.

A fantastic way to reduce your party stress, host the best party you can, and make sure nothing gets forgotten, is to create a Facebook Party Script.


Below is an example of a script with all the parts. Feel free to copy and make it your own.

Scripting It Out

When you create a script, you will write out every post you’ll be posting before, during, and after the party. For each individual post, include the following:

  • title of the post (to help you remember what it’s about)
  • date & time you will post it
  • the exact wording for the post
  • a reminder of any items you’ll be attaching to the post (images)

*Tip: Save the post and ALL the images in the same folder

Write the posts in the order you’ll be posting. Some authors use Word, some use Excel or a spreadsheet. It’s up to you what works best.

Types of Posts

Party Description

Your party description is permanently at the top (or on the description page) of your party. Use this space to tell attendees:

  • what you are celebrating (is this a release party? or something else?)
  • your party theme (if any)
  • if it’s a release party, a bit about the book (just a taste)
  • logistics (date, time, what time zone)
  • guest authors
  • any grand prizes up for grabs


When you share or invite from the event, there’s no text to include. However, when you post on your Facebook page or other social media, be sure to include:

  • all the info from your party description
  • the link to the party to allow them to RSVP
  • an explanation that a FB party is online and live for those who’ve never attended

Pre-Party Posts

Don’t just create the event and then wait for the date. Make sure to post periodically to help get the attendees excited about your party. Types of posts you can do ahead of time:

  • introduce your guest authors
  • announce the release of your book (if it releases before the party date)
  • 1-2¬†pre-party games with giveaway prizes (a good opportunity to encourage attendees to invite others)
  • memes
  • news related to your book topic or party topic
  • encourage everyone to share pics of their party goodies–their virtual date, outfit, shoes, accessories, pet, and so forth (to be clear, theses are pretend goodies)

“Morning Of” Informational Post

The day of, post the logistics in the morning. This serves two purposes. One: remind attendees that today is the day. Two: get the logistics out of the way early. Make sure you include:

  • excited to celebrate
  • giveaway rules (when giveaways close, rules to enter each, when/how winners will be announced)
  • schedule (including when each guest author will be on)
  • the disclaimer – all FB giveaways require a disclaimer releasing FB. Rather than post it on every single giveaway, you can post it once here and mention that it covers all giveaways in the event)


Countdown Posts

Starting about an hour before the party gets rolling start your countdowns. It doesn’t take many. Just a few to start reminding attendees that it’s almost time. You can include pre-party questions or even a giveaway or two to make it fun for those who stop by early.


The first post of the evening. This is where you:

  • thank guests for attending
  • remind them about the logistics post from the morning
  • thank you guest authors for joining you
  • and usually start the first game/giveaway for the party grand prize (if any)

Party Posts

The bulk of your posts will be in this section. These are the fun part. What to post here could take up an entire blog post by itself (which we’ll do another time). For now, here are a few musts:

  • Introduce yourself (include fun facts and your social media links)
  • Try to post about every 5 minutes.
  • Break posts up with some longer posts that are games/giveaways, and shorter posts (memes, quick questions, etc.) in between
  • Do include several games/giveaways. Try to make them easy but fun for participants. Even better, make them related to your book.
  • Introduce guest authors 1-2 minutes before they start
  • Thank guest authors as they wrap up
  • If you ARE a guest author, it’s a nice gesture to make at least one of your posts about the author/book the party is for

Thank You

Be sure to thank the guest authors and participants at the end of the party. Take the opportunity to remind people to check out your new book and/or follow you on various social media.

Wrap Up

A final logistical post reminding people about when giveaways will close and when/how/where winners will be announced.

Winners Announcements

We recommend a single winners announcement post (including winners for all guest author giveaways). Include:

  • Who ran the giveaway
  • The giveaway name
  • The giveaway¬†prize(s)
  • The winner (tag the person)
  • A congrats to the winners and repeated thanks


To get you started, here’s a very basic Word Document layout. Happy Facebook partying

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