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Most marketing gurus will tell you as an author you need to have a presence on social media, including Facebook, and Twitter. However, the prospect of keeping up with posting on these daily can be intimidating, time-consuming, or looked upon as an unwanted chore.

We are not marketing gurus at AOAD, but as authors, we can tell you that there are many benefits to posting on social media. These tools help you connect with readers and other authors, give multiple points of access to new readers, and help you announce important moments in your author life, like releases!

For those who still aren’t sure, a great way to make Facebook and Twitter easier on yourself is to cultivate an Ideas List.

This is a list of various topics and ideas that you can review any time you are posting or scheduling posts. Pay attention to other authors. When their Facebook or Twitter posts capture your attention, write that down as an idea. Just make sure to keep your list somewhere handy (a note taking software like OneNote or Evernote is fantastic).

To get you started here are some generic Facebook & Twitter post ideas:

  • General/Daily Life
    • Funny Quotes/Memes you enjoy
    • Holidays/Celebrations (http://www.emotionscards.com/locations.html)
    • Throwback Thursday (don’t forget you can apply this to things like, “4 years ago I published…”)
    • Observations about life/people (fodder for books)
    • Anything going on in your life worth mentioning, even if it’s not author related (don’t want to only be a promo machine)
  • About You The Author
    • Links to blog posts
    • Quotes/Memes about being an author
    • Pinterest pins about being an author or things you like which impact you as an author
    • Favorite quotes from other books
    • Periodic reminders about other social media and books – “re-announcements”
    • Pictures of you doing stuff (writing, traveling, etc.)
    • Screenshots of my computer – things I’m working on
    • Geek out moments
    • What’s on your Kindle (or Reading Corner)
  • About Your Books
    • Links to blog posts
    • Quotes/Memes directly from/about your books
    • Pinterest pins directly related to or about your books
    • Small teasers for the next books/story lines
    • Songs related to the books/characters/situations
  • Resources
    • “How to” blog posts
    • Pins about writing/publishing/authoring tips
    • Industry news you find relevant (sharing)
    • Workshops you liked
  • Being a Good Author Friend
    • Like things from your peers (their announcements, giveaways, things they posted that you liked, etc.)
    • Even better…Comment on peer’s posts
    • Even better…Share peer’s posts to your own wall and/or page and/or group
    • RSVP to peer’s party invites (and attend!)
  • Encouraging Reader Interaction
    • Scavenger Hunt in my books
    • Small Giveaways (participation raffle – relate to new release if coming up)
    • This or that (ex. Beach or mountains, shifters or vamps)
    • Favorites? (types of desserts, vacation destinations, character in a series)
    • Reader Preferences (hero archetypes, chapter lengths, etc.)
    • How do you picture this character? Building? (they send pics)
    • Requests for author or character questions from readers for blog post
    • Did you catch this small detail in the 1st two books?

SocialMedia-Tips.fwWhat other topics can you think of or do you enjoy posting to your social media? Keep the list going and add your ideas in the comments!

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