Workshop: Get Your Writing Life Organized



When: September 5-30, 2016 (4 weeks)

Delivery Method: Private Yahoo Group

Price: $10/person


Are you overwhelmed by everything you have to remember as an author? Social media and marketing a constant struggle? Do you have handouts and notes from workshops and never use them but would like to someday? Even your email inbox is crazy? This workshop will give you tried and true methods for staying on top of your email, craft notes, social media, and marketing as an author. We’ll primarily focus on Gmail & Microsoft OneNote as tools to help you get organized (including an overview on how to use OneNote). Materials can easily be translated to other email and note-taking methods.

Social Media Calendar for WritersBonus: These methods and tips can also be helpful in your personal and professional lives aside from writing!

This workshop is delivered as quick-hitting tips & tricks with the help of real-time, practical examples.  Attendees are encouraged to take away 2-10 tips that work with where they are in their business and personal styles. Attendees will be given a handout with all the tips listed in an easy bulleted format. In addition they will be given a link to OneNote templates already set up for authors to help them get started.

The workshop is broken into the following topics:

  • Week 1
    • Email Management
    • OneNote Basics & Getting Started
  • Week 2
    • Social Media Management
      • Ideas Lists
      • Monthly Calendars
      • Social Media Tracking
  • Week 3
    • Note Taking For Later Use
      • Workshops
      • Querying
      • Book Ideas/Book Bible
      • Editing Lists
      • & More
  • Week 4
    • Release Day Planning (Getting Organized)
    • Audience Requested Topics & Additional Q&A


Praise for This Workshop:

“I want to give you a huge thanks for this course…I haven’t implemented everything yet, of course, but I can certainly see where I want to go with this.” –Win Day

“Thank you so much for doing this! Not only do I appreciate it, but I’ve already cut my inbox down from over 1200 (wow!) to less than 250 and I’ve started my Release Day Planning checklists in OneNote. This was such a great class for me. Thanks again!” –TJ Shaw

“I am so impressed! First off, I didn’t realize until I finally went through your initial OneNote lessons that I could create separate notebooks. I had everything in one giant mess – and you’d shudder to see how disorganized that one notebook is! All my years hassling my youngest about his overflowing messy school binders, and I went and virtually created the same thing. So that tidbit alone has made this a worthy class!” –Melanie Greene

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