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Most marketing gurus will tell you as an author you need a blog. However, the prospect of keeping up with a blog can be intimidating, time-consuming, or looked upon as an unwanted chore.

We are not marketing gurus, but as authors, we can tell you that there are many benefits to keeping a blog. Blogs help you connect with readers and other authors. Blogs can help you document your progress and experiences. Blogs can be a way to solidify your thoughts. And blogs can help you announce important moments in your author life, like releases!

For those who still aren’t sure, a great way to make blogging easier on yourself is to cultivate a Blog Ideas List.

This is a list of various topics and ideas that you can review any time you have to write a blog post. Pay attention to other bloggers. When posts capture your attention, write that down as a topic idea. Just make sure to keep your list somewhere handy (a note taking software like OneNote or Evernote is fantastic).

To get you started here are some blog post ideas:

  • Your experiences as an author
    • Editing
    • Querying
    • Writing etc. (grammar, classes, new methods)
    • Marketing
    • Trying something new
    • Frustrations
  • Updates on your progress
    • Keep lists on research and interesting stuff while writing a new book to post when release comes around
    • Writing and editing progress on books
    • Release date announcements
    • Cover reveals
  • Your books
    • Inspiration
    • Character interviews
    • Character discover
    • How you came up with a character or plot idea
    • Book excerpts
    • Book trailer releases
    • Cover reveals
    • Release announcements
    • What are previously published characters up to now?
  • Author Spotlights
    • Hosting other authors
    • Sharing a new author you’ve discovered and like
  • Fun stuff for readers
    • Bigger Giveaway Announcements/Details
    • Contests
    • Votes
  • Other
    • Top “#” Lists (hottest characters, super powers, best murder weapons, etc.)
    • Other areas of your life (vacations, sports, diets, etc.)
    • Unique topics you consider yourself an expert on
    • Genre commentary or comparisons
    • Exploring things like tropes, archetypes, etc.

SocialMedia-Tips.fwWhat other topics can you think of or do you enjoy reading? Keep the list going and add your ideas in the comments!

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